How to Write a Cover Letter in 2024 [Best Tips]

A cover letter is one of the basic documents, next to the resume, that we learn to write at school. How to write a cover letter that won't go into the trash? See a template of a cover letter and our tips.
How to Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is one of the basic documents for a job, next to the resume, that we learn to write at school. A resume is a must-have when looking for a job — what about the other one?

What about the cover letter? Should you or shouldn't you write it? And how to write it? More about that below!

From this article, you'll learn:

  • What a cover letter is and why you should send one
  • How to write a cover letter that wouldn't go into the trash
  • What Excellent Cover Letter Examples Look Like


A cover letter is a letter you send to the recruiter (either because you want to or because they require it). Why? Mainly to motivate an employer. And yourself too, along the way. :) In our Resume Maker, you'll make a resume and cover letter that visually match.

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You write a cover letter for your job application to show that:

You're reading the last point and maybe something feels weird. How can your attitude and values convince a recruiter to hire you?

You send the cover letter WITH THE RESUME. Sure you can talk about what you can do, and how well - but you don't need to repeat it. A cover letter should complement and expand on what you write in the resume. With the letter, you show more of yourself. You can not only talk about what you did and where but also talk about YOURSELF. About what you're like as a person, what you're thinking, what is important to you, why you feel this job is for you.

Why write a cover letter?

  • To talk more about the info in the resume and make it fuller  
  • To introduce yourself, not just your achievements - show what kind of person you are  
  • To show that you know what you're signing up for - that you've chosen the company and position consciously, that you aren't just applying for anything and everything  
  • To show your enthusiasm and attitude towards work  
  • Sometimes, to make up for less experience or needed skill

A resume will attract attention when it has a professional layout and when it's clear, easy to look at. The right colors can increase the reader's interest by even up to 80% make a resume and cover letter with CraftCv.

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Cover Letter Tip: A description of your feelings and motivation in the cover letter will be more convincing than “high motivation and desire to learn” in your resume's qualities section. Stand out from other applicants by highlighting your most relevant skills and experience


We need an introduction, body… etc. So:

1. Pick the Right Cover Letter Template

A good cover letter is all about leaving the right first impression. So, what’s a better way to leave a good impression than a well-formatted, visual template?

2. Introduction – and in it, basic information about who you are and what position you're applying for. Show that you know exactly what you're signing up for (describe what you want to work as and where; add the specific department and other information you have). You'll prove that you're very involved from the very start of the recruitment (so you'll be just as passionate about the job as well).


3. Body – the "proper part". A description of what made you send in your application, why you'd be good at it, what are your qualities, etc.


4. Ending – typical for a formal letter, so: once again asking to consider your candidacy, salutation, signature. You can also mention what attachments you're adding.


cover letter ending

That's enough technicalities. Now some specific tips.

Do you know that a resume's format can have an influence on whether you get a job? Read some tips on how to send your resume so that it stays how it was when you made it: Resume PDF or Word DOC — Best Format In 2024


Need to generate a professional resume online right now? CraftCv's Resume Maker will help you make a professional resume in just a few minutes. With our resume builder, you'll increase your chances of getting a job by perfectly adjusting your resume to the job offer.

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Covler Letter Tip: Use the right language and tone - keep it professional and match the keywords used by the employer in their job advert.


What should you write about - and how - in a cover letter for it to work?

And I don't mean not lying (that's obvious - or is it…?). I mean opening up to the recruiter, showing who we are. Imagine that you got the interview, and they ask you something broad like "what made you want to apply for this job?" Exactly, what? Tell them (in the letter)!

There are no perfect candidates. If you think you're even less perfect than "the other less-perfects" because, for example, you have little experience, don't worry. You can make up for it with one of your positive traits. Describe it - write that you're aware that you're missing this and that but you really want this job and think you would be a good candidate because… insert your points here. 

If you're applying for the position, you should already know how to finish that sentence. Now choose the words and write them down

No worries, you don't have to know copywriting or marketing strategies. You just need to present your progress, show your history, how you got to where you are now. Of course not too much, you aren't writing an autobiography. Don't just list your traits - explain how you got them. Why you want to work here - why in this industry, why in this trade. 

Talk about your values and needs as well as what the job would give you, what it would bring into your life.

They ask you for an additional document to learn something more, something new about you.

Don't talk about your personality too much. Just listing traits is not very convincing - practice shows the truth in the end. You should focus on specific achievements or experience instead - "I have experience in…" or "I worked on many projects" are too vague, most people can write that. 

Instead, write what your most interesting project was about, where you worked on it, or who was the client, what you managed to achieve (the more precise, the better - people like to see numbers). Don't overdo it though - 1-2 most important achievements are enough.

If possible have someone else read your cover letter to ensure there are no errors you may have missed. If that’s not possible, read it aloud to yourself slowly.

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Cover letter for a job application - what should it be like to be effective?

If your cover letter is neat, people will want to read it more. In CraftCV, you can make a cover letter that matches the style of your resume. It will be both pretty and concise! A visually pleasing form and correct, convincing content give you bigger chances of getting hired. It's nice if a candidate has experience but evoking sympathy is important too.

Thanks to a good cover letter, you can do exactly that. :)

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