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It’s extremely important for us that all visitors to CraftCV experience it particularly well and that they are fully aware of their rights and legal obligations related to the use of website. 


1. Terms of use – this document determining the terms of use of the website. 
2. –website operating in the domain of, the owner of which is CraftCvwith registered office in Poznan (Poland) and NIP no.: 739-363-21-07 and REGON no.: 302748236. Contact data: support(at) 
3. User –a person who has registered on the website under the terms specified in the Terms of use; 
4. Package –paid service consisting in providing access to pre-defined functionalities of the CraftCV website. 
5. Website–whenever a Website is mentioned in the Terms of use, it is synonymous with the website 
6. Login – unique email address of a User on the Website indicated during the registration 7. User Account –individual electronic account registered by a User on the website identifiable by a unique password selected by the User (consisting of at least 4 characters) and unique active email account that also constitutes an entry to the database of the users of the website 
8. DEMO version –Version of the CV /Cover Letter Creator for a User without an account on the CraftCV website 


1. CraftCV is a website that allows its Users to create and download their CVs and Cover Letters (using an online tool). 
2. website charges a one-time fee for the selected package so that the User can download CV (and Cover Letters if they are included in the package) for a period of 90 or 7 days – depending on the selected package. After this period, the access to the download of the CVs / Cover Letters expires – the documents shall be available only for viewing in the CV generator. 
3. Every person is obliged to read the Terms of use of the Website before using the Website. 
4. The Website allows the Users to download the documents in the .pdf format. 
5. The Website is registered by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data in accordance with Polish law. The administrator of the personal data gathered by the 
craft-cv.comwebsite is CraftCv. The data is processed in a manner consistent with the law. 
6. The Website reserves the right to place content advertising goods and services of third parties on the Website in the forms common for the Internet. 
7. The User undertakes to report any mistakes or problems with normal functioning of the Website via a contact form or a chat, providing their email address in the message. 
8. There may be slight differences in terms of the colors presented on the website and a printed document – this is due to different graphic settings of screens; the CraftCV website shall not be liable for this. 


1. To use the Website the User is required to meet the following technical requirements: 
- have an Internet connection, 
- use any of the following platforms: MS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, MS Windows XP, iOS 7.0, Android 4.4 or their newer versions, 
- use any of the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox 35.X, Google Chrome 40.X or their newer versions, 
- use updated Java and Java Script software, 
- install free software enabling preview of downloaded PDF files – Adobe Reader, DC version 
- have an active email account 


1. Registration and creation of an account on the website is voluntary and free of charge. 
2. In order to create a User Account, a User is obliged to carry out registration. 
3. Conditions necessary for registration of a User Account are as follows: 
fillingin the following fields of the registration form: 
- email address that will serve to identify the User on the Website (Login) 
- access password to the User Account 
- accepting the provisions of these Terms of use 
- expressing will to receive newsletter by email (optional) 
- verifying the email account by following a link provided by the Service Provider to the email address indicated by the User (activation link) 
4. A verification link shall be sent to the email indicated during the registration. Failure to verify the account (not following the link activating the account) shall result in blocking of the account – logging in will not be possible. 
5. Providing a fake email address shall make it impossible to create an account. 
6. During the registration the User provides a unique email address that becomes their Login on the Website by which the User will be identified in the database. 
7. During the registration, the User creates an individual password to their profile. The only person that knows the password is the User and they are liable for its storing and undertake not to disclose it to third parties, in particular parties that may use it for purposes contrary to the idea of the website. 
8. During the registration, the User undertakes to provide their own email address, which will later be used for communication between them and the website. In particular, new passwords to the User Account shall be sent to this email address in case of the User losing / forgetting the password to the account on the website. 
9. The websitedoes not assume any responsibility for ineffective delivery of information to the email address provided by the User. In particular, when the address is incorrect, belongs to a third party or antivirus software prevents delivery of the email message. 
10. In case of failure to receive the emails, the User shall check the SPAM folder of the email account as sometimes our activation link email is redirected there. If the email is not there either, the User shall sent an email entitled “LACK OF ACTIVATION LINK” including the email address used in the registrationto support(at)
11. By registering, the User expresses consent for their personal data to be processed in accordance with the Act of August 29th, 1997, on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws no. 133, item 883, as amended) under terms specified in the Policy Privacy of the Website, which constitutes an integral part of these Terms of use. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for proper performance of the Service. 


1. Every User of the website has an individual User Account identifiable by a unique email address indicated during the registration. 
2. An account is created on the website for an unlimited period of time. 
3. The website reserves the right to delete a User Account for any reason, in particular in case of breaching these Terms of use by the User. 
4. The User undertakes to publish true information and information only about themselves on their profile. It is forbidden to create accounts and publish information on behalf of third parties. 
5. The User may have more than one User Account on the website. 
6. The User may delete their account and data from the Website at any time. The account can be deleted in the tab entitled “My account” by confirming permanent deletion of the account from the Website. User’s deletion of the account from the Website makes the used email account impossible to be used for re-registration in the CraftCV Website. 
7. It is forbidden to share one’s User Account with third parties. 
8. It is forbidden to use User Account for commercial purposes beyond normal use in accordance with the nature of the Website. 


1. The User is entitled to use the resources of the Website only for their own use. It is not allowed to use the resources and functions of the Website for commercial purposes or purposes that would violate the interests of the Service Provider. 
- Any attempts to affect the continuity of the work of the Website are forbidden. 
- Any criminal acts, in particular hacking, are forbidden. 
- Any acts violating copyright are forbidden. 
- Publishing false information using User Accounts is forbidden. 
- Publishing information on third parties without their consent is forbidden. 
- Any acts that may destabilize the work of telecommunication networks, in particular the website, are forbidden. 
- Publishing illegal content, in particular pornographic and violent content, as well as content contrary to established custom, is forbidden. 


1. For technical reasons, such as a break in the power supply, break in access to the network, a computer system failure, software errors or breaks caused by system maintenance, the access to the Website may be temporarily suspended without prior notice. 
2. Global operating of the Internet depends on services of various providers. The www.craft-cv.comwebsite does not affect the performance and availability of the Internet. 
3. User of the wwww.craft-cv.comwebsite undertakes not to involve the company being the owner of the Website in any judicial or financial disputes in which the Website is not a party. 
4. The CraftCv website shall not be liable for any loss resulting from correct or incorrect operation of the Website, in particular for the breaks in its functioning. 
5. The company being the owner of the Website undertakes to cooperate with state authorities as part of actions carried out against a User as a result of an offense committed by the User or a suspected crime committed by the User. 


1. Before creating an account, an unregistered User can try out the DEMO version of the Creator. A DEMO User can view the limited version of the Creator. A DEMO User may view the available samples of CVs and Cover Letters, their color versions, edit their content, and change the fonts. The rest of the functionalities of the CV Creator are available for Users that are logged in. 
2. The Website allows the Users to download documents including their data in the .pdf format. 
3. The User can download documents for the period of time specified at the moment of purchase of a selected Package – from the date of receipt of the payment for the selected Package. 
4. During the term of the Package, the User can change their personal data (apart from the date of birth and first name), freely modify the data entered in the tabs, the color versions, and the templates as many times as they wish. After the first download of a CV or Cover Letter created by themselves, the User is not entitled to change their birth date or first name anymore. It is a safety measure to limit generating documents for third parties. 
5. All data entered in the templates is stored in the Website’s database in order to allow the Users to download the documents later without having to fill in the same data again. 
6. Our CV generator allows for two pages of content to be created maximally. Check if all the provided pieces of information are relevant for the position you apply for. You should limit the document to key data only. The excessive amount of words may not work in your favor. The more irrelevant pieces of information, the lower the chance that your prospective employer will read the entire CV.


1. The CraftCv website offers 4 free CV templates that can be downloaded after creation of a free account. 
2. The free templates are marked with a blue ribbon that says “free CV” directly in the CV Creator. 
3. The free CV templates can be downloaded unlimited number of times. 
4. The free CV templates offered by the CraftCv website have the Website’s logo in the bottom right corner. 


1. In case of paid Services rendered by CraftCv, the User is charged with any fees related to enabling access to specific functionalities of the Website. The amount of the fees is published on the website. 
2. The Website allows the following payment methods: 
- bank transfer through PayPal payment system, supported by company PayPal (Europe) S.àr.l. &Cie, S.C.A. with registered office in Luxembourg (in this case activation of a paid service occurs after the User completes the process of making an order on the Website and after the receipt of information about successful completion of the payment sent by the PayPal system); 
- bank transfer through external payment system PayU, supported by PayU S.A. with registered office in Poznan (in this case the execution of the order starts after the User completes the process of making an order on the Website and after the receipt of information about successful completion of the payment sent by the PayU system). 
3. The User may accept an offer for a paid service on the Website 7 (seven) days a week, 24 (twenty-four) hours a day using the Website. 
4. The Website does not charge any additional fees for transactions done in relation to the agreement concluded between the Service Provider and the owners of the payment systems. 
5. After the receipt of information about successful completion of the payment made, the User obtains access to the option of generating CV for the amount of days specified in the selected Package from the date of the receipt of the payment. 
6. In case of purchase of a paid tool, the User agrees for the data related to the payment to be stored by the external providers of the CraftCV company. 
7. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the course and security of the transaction executed by the offered payments systems. 


1. A detailed list of Packages, functions, and their prices is available here: 
2. The prices on the Website are gross prices. 
3. The Website reserves the right to introduce changes to the prices of the offered services. The abovementioned right shall not affect the Users who purchased Packages before the entry into force of the price changes. 
4. Full functionality of the Website, including downloading .pdf documents, is only available for Users that are logged in and who make a relevant payment using PayU or PayPal system. 
5. The payment for a selected Package is not automatically extended. 


1. The User may submit complaints to the Service Provider in connection with the use of the services rendered online by the Service Provider. The complaint should be submitted in an electronic form and sent to the email of the Service Provider. The complaint should include the User’s first name and last name, the email address indicated during the registration, and a description of the problem. The Service Provider shall immediately, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) working days consider the complaint and respond to the email address indicated in the complaint by the User. 
2. If the data or information included in the complaint need to be supplemented, after the receipt of the complaint and before considering it, the Website shall ask the complainant to supplement it to a relevant extent. 
3. The date of submission of a complaint shall be the date of the receipt of the complaint in the proper form, including all required elements and not requiring supplements, by the CraftCV website. 
4. Please, note that differences in color or look of a Draft, resulting from screen settings or the quality of the image displayed on it (in particular related to saturation or hue) shall not constitute grounds for a complaint. 
5. Complaints related to the rendered services should be sent to support(at) and entitled “Complaint.”  
6. A response to a complaint, after the complaint is considered by CraftCV, shall be sent to the email address indicated by the User during registration 


1. Singing up for newsletter is voluntary. 
2. Newsletter is sent to the email address registered by the Customer and includes information related to the current activities of the Service Provider (services, news, articles, etc.). 
3. Receiving newsletter is free of charge; it is sent via email. 
4. In order to enable the Service Provider to send newsletter, it is necessary for the Customer to express consent to receive electronic newsletter by checking the relevant box in the registration form. 
5. A registered Customer may change the address to which newsletter is sent at any time or cancel newsletter by filling out a relevant form. Cancelling the service of “Newsletter” is possible at any time after logging in to one’s account on the CraftCV website and unchecking the boxnext to “I agree to receive newsletter.” 


1. Copyright and other intellectual rights related to graphic design (layout) of documents created by are a property of the owner of the website. 
2. Sale, commercial use or sharing of the documents (or templates based on them) onlinerequires the consent of the owner of the CraftCV website. 

1. A User being a Consumer is not entitled to the right to withdraw from the agreement in case of services that, with the Consumer’s consent, have already started, before the passing of 10 (ten) days. 
2. The User is not entitled to a refund for the unused time of the purchased service. 
3. The payment made for the use of a tool with a term of 90 or 7 days is not subject to refund, regardless of the amount of time left to the end of the subscription. 


1. In matters not regulated by these Terms of use, the provisions of Polish law shall apply. 


1. The CraftCV website reserves the right to change these Terms of use without stating the reason for doing so. The User undertakes to monitor the changes of these Terms of use. In the absence of acceptance of the changes by the User, the User undertakes to stop using the services rendered by the Website and to delete their User Account. 
2. In the event of changes made to the Terms of use, the Website shall inform the Users by publishing a uniform text of the changed Terms of use at and by indicating the date of the last update at the end of the Terms of use. 


1. The CraftCV website reserves the right to modify the functionalities of the Website and to change the rules of operation, in particular cessation. As a result of such activity, the Users are not entitled to any claims against the company being the owner of 
2. Any disputes between the Company being the owner of the CraftCV website and another entity shall be settled by the court competent for the registered office of the CraftCVcompany. 

Copyright (c), 2019, CraftCv. All Rights Reserved. 
Terms of use in force since March 23rd, 2015. Last update of Terms of use: March 29th, 2019.

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