Beautician Cover Letter (Sample Letter For Beautician)

Beautician cover letter. Example of a cover letter for a person looking for a job at a beauty salon. Write an effective cover letter for a beautician! See what to write to get hired! Example template and tips.
Beautician Cover Letter


Write an effective cover letter for a beautician! See what to write to get hired!
Example template and tips. A cover letter for beautician position decides the outcome of your job application. If your cover letter is not eye-catching, the chances of your resume being read or you being called for an interview are slim to none.

Warning! This cover letter for a beautician should be treated only as an example and inspiration. Don’t use it as a “ready-made” response to a specific job offer.

Warsaw, 20th of September 2021

Anna Nowak
Grzybowska street 100/100
00-132 Warsaw
Phone: 000-000-000
Company XYZ
Human Resources Department
Piękna street 8/2
00-111 Warsaw

Dear Sir/Madam (if unknown)
/ Dear Mr/Ms (full or only last name)

I offer more than (…) years of experience in the cosmetics industry. It has become my passion and eventually, I turned it into a job. This is why I believe I am a perfect candidate for the position of abc in your company xyz.

What values and skills will I bring to your company?

As a cosmetician, I specialize in professional cosmetic procedures. Aside from a job, the topic became my passion. This has contributed to positive opinions from customers of my previous workplaces.
Knowledge and a pro-client approach are very important in this position because they often expect professional advice. This is why I always think about how to best choose my actions to fit the customers’ needs.

I also always focus on providing the best quality of service and making clients feel safe during cosmetic procedures. In many beauty salons, lack of knowledge exposes clients to risks of infections or allergies. Before every visit, I ask questions that help me pick the right cosmetics.

As a beautician, I have cared for the best quality of service for … years. Knowing trends in the beauty industry lets me raise my qualifications. I also like to take part in training courses.

I am also characterized by my innovative approach to my tasks and … (skills highlighted in the job advert). Thanks to always remaining calm, I handle moments of crisis that require full professionalism very well. In the position of … (job name from advert), I would like to use and improve those traits even more.

What are my biggest career achievements?

While working at a similar position in beauty salon XYZ, I noticed that our offer doesn’t include the most popular procedures. After going through the right courses and gaining professional knowledge, I introduced the procedures into our offer. This raised interest in our salon by 25%.
Thanks to this, I was able to go through additional workshops which allowed me to make things even better.
In both my personal and professional growth, I focus on improving qualifications. I have graduated in … (name of major) from … (name of university). In my … years of experience, I have participated in professional courses such as … (modern methods of doing eyelashes, for example). That motivated me to do my tasks and duties even better.

I use previously learned cosmetic techniques effectively and am open to learning even more. I try to use my experience in every firm that gives me a chance to improve. This is very important in the industry.

I am hoping for a job interview to be able to present the benefits that come from hiring me as a ... (name of position) in your firm.

Yours Faithfully (if writing to an unknown person)
Yours Sincerely (if you know the name of the person who will read this),
(Full name)

Remember that a beautician’s cover letter should answer:
  • why you’re applying for the position in this specific company.
  • why you think you are the best candidate for that position.

Cover letter form:

Remember to make the contents of the letter true and convincing. Let it reflect your experience. Imagine that the letter is a tale about your career and a subtle advertisement that convinces the employer to get to know you better.

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Remember that the shorter the letter is, the better. The best cover letters don’t have more than 250 words. Focus on the most important parts of your work experience.
  • Don’t describe things you like about the firm you’re applying to.
  • Don’t write about what you can learn if you get the job
  • Don’t repeat all parts of your resume. 
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