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Would you like to combine creativity with a proper content organization and its clarity? The Resume sample Tiamat wins recipient’s attention thanks to transparent and comprehensible look. It is highly alluring and will surely be instantly noticed by a recruiter. 

The Resume Tiamat is recommended to individuals looking for an universal Resume that would be suitable for applying for various job positions. 

Try adding a cover letter to your Resume in order to create a perfectly matching set of documents. We would also like to encourage you to check the gallery below, in which we present 4 chosen color versions and various layouts of the Resume in question.   
Key information about the candidate are presented in a straightforward and clear manner
Resume template draws reader’s attention thanks to its unusual design
Professional layout of the template


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Subtle colors and ordered columns send a clear message to the recipient – this candidate knows the etiquette and would like to make the best first impression possible. By using this Resume template, you would oscillate between creative presentation of your traits and an official Resume.
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