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The Resume Legacy template is especially recommended to individuals looking for a job in marketing, PR, or those who would like to be noticed by prospective employers. 

The template is based on the division of the content not vertically, as it is with other documents of said kind, but horizontally, which requires a slightly different approach. 

What is more, the key element is the photo of the applicant, as it is situated at the very top of the template and clearly familiarizes the recipient with the figure of the candidate. This scheme is far different from traditional Resumes and that is why it should be considered interesting by people thinking out of the box and acting in a creative manner. 
Resume template that is perfect for individuals looking for employment in creative branches of industry
Resume incorporates intriguing graphic elements. Modern colors make it one-of-a-kind in nature 


Are you in dire need of a transparent and modern Resume? Have you been looking for a template that will surely interest prospective employers? Instead of creating a new Word document, just take advantage of the CraftCv Cv Builder, which will make it possible for you to make a professional and alluring Resume in a swift manner.
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Resume Template

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