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Individuals looking for a Resume showing their exceptional creativity should check out this Resume template. The Banshee project stands out from the crowd especially thanks to its straightforward and lively colors, which highlight the central part of the document. The template is also characterized by its innovative layout, which is just perfect for all the applicants dreaming about working on an advertisement, marketing, or sales-related position. 

Thanks to the combination of tradition and innovative design, the template will be suitable for individuals looking for a job in a creative branch of industry, as well as for other specialists. The Resume Banshee can be chosen without any hesitation if the applicant is required to show professionalism, as well as the knowledge about current trends. 

The Resume Banshee template is bold and colors are of major importance in its case. They highlight both the added picture and personal data of the candidate. The colorful frame encapsulates the entirety of the document, creating an esthetic and pleasing composition. Nevertheless, this Resume project is still considered formal and compliant with the principles of esthetics. 
Resume template perfect for individuals starting their adventure with creative branches of industry


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This Resume template has been designed for individuals who are not afraid to stand out, be different, but at the same time – who are capable of adapting to the environment quickly. The document suggests the flexibility of the candidate which is desired in numerous branches of industry.
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