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I forgot my password.
Try our "remind password" button. Then you will get your password send to your e-mail.
Is my personal data safe?
Yes! Your personal data is 100% safe. Our service is registered in GIODO. That means that the government approves the way we storage all the data.


Ist das Konto auf der CraftCV-Plattform kostenlos?
Ja. Man kann ein Konto auf unserer Plattform ganz kostenlos erstellen und haben.
Wie kann ich meinen Entwurf nach dem erneuten Einloggen bearbeiten?
Die Daten, die Sie im Muster angeben, werden automatisch auf Ihrem Konto gespeichert. Sie müssen nicht nach jedem Einloggen die Felder ausfüllen und die Daten erneut angeben. Es ist genug, dass Sie die Daten einmal in der ganzen Zeit angeben, wenn Sie ein Konto haben. Die Angaben werden auf unserer Plattform gespeichert.
Kann ich den Generator ohne Einloggen testen?
Natürlich! Ohne Konto auf der Plattform können Sie sich alle Muster von Bewerbungsschreiben und Lebensläufen anschauen, die auf der CraftCV-Plattform verfügbar sind. Sie können auch die Farben und Schriftarten der Muster ändern sowie die Angaben in den Formularen ausfüllen. Wenn Sie das Dokument später editieren wollen, so ist das Erstellen eines kostenlosen Kontos notwendig.
Are there toll-free templates available on the website?
Yes, there are such templates. After account creation, you can download CVs labeled with a blue "Free CV" mark. The said free documents are branded with our logo, which will be visible in bottom right corner of the generated document.
How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account together with provided data by yourself. All you have to do is to enter the “My account” section of your profile and confirm the account deletion. Before doing so, you should take into account the fact that you will not be able to use the same e-mail address to register on the CraftCV website in the future.


Wie kann ich zahlen?
Auf der Plattform sind PayPal-Zahlungen möglich. Die Zahlungen für Leistungen werden in Echtzeit verbucht. Deswegen können Sie fast sofort nach dem Leisten der Zahlung die von Ihnen entwickelten Lebensläufe herunterladen.
Are there any hidden payments?
Nope. We hate internet scammers and you can be sure to trust us.
I have made a payment. When is the system going to unlock my account?
Payment processing typically takes from 5 to 20 minutes. After payment verification, the system will automatically unlock the account.


Wie viele Lebensläufe / Bewerbungsschreiben kann ich innerhalb des
gekauften Pakets herunterladen?
Zum Preis des Pakets können Sie eine unbegrenzte Anzahl von Lebensläufen generieren. Sie können Muster und Farben ändern, Inhalte modifizieren und die Dokumente individuell den jeweiligen Arbeitsstellen anpassen.
Verlängert sich das gekaufte Paket selbst?
Nein - die Möglichkeit, den Lebenslauf / das Bewerbungsschreiben herunterzuladen, läuft aus. Um weiter Dokumente herunterladen zu können, müssen Sie die Zahlung erneut leisten.
Was passiert mit meinem Dokument (meinen Angaben) nach
Ablauf des Gültigkeitsdatums des Kontos?
Nach Ablauf des Gültigkeitsdatums des Kontos können die Dokumente nicht mehr heruntergeladen werden. Ihr Dokument kann nur im Generator angesehen werden. Um den Lebenslauf/das Bewerbungsschreiben erneut herunterladen zu können, müssen Sie die Zahlung per Überweisung erneut leisten.
How much will I pay for creating a CV?
Details relating to current prices and set types can be found at: https://craft-cv.com/en/pricing
Can I change the purchased set?
If you want to purchase a better set – you will have to pay for it (the number of available validity days in the new set will be extended by adding the remaining days left for the use of the old set to it).


In which file format i can generate my CV?
You will get a Portable Document File - PDF. That's the best format for sending a professional Resume. By sending PDF you can be sure that the file will contain correctly formatted text and graphics.
How can i open my generated PDF file?
To open a PDF file can be opened in Adobe Reader. It is usually already installed on computers. But if not you can download it here - http://get.adobe.com/pl/reader/
Why i can't upload my photo?
Check the format of the file. Our creator can handle images in the JPG and PNG formats only. File size should not exceed 2MB as well.
Can I add more sections to my CV?
Yes, you can. You can add an extra section to your template. You can name it whatever you want, for example: "Training sessions" / "Certificates" / "Achievements"
Why is my CV displaying incorrectly?
Sometimes, you will have to delete few unnecessary words or change the order of information provided. We are still improving our application and do our best to ensure that all the functions work properly. If you are still not satisfied with the way your CV looks, contact us and we will surely help you!
Can my CV have more than 1 page?
We strongly recommend your CV to be no longer than 1 page. Recruiters spend only few seconds on each CV, so you should try your hardest to include all the pieces of information relevant to the position you apply for on one page. If you, however, would like to expand your CV and add yet another page to it, just click the "show the second page" option in the generator.
Can I generate other language versions of my CV within the set?
Yes, you can. Your set incorporates the option of generating an unlimited number of documents in all languages available in the creator.
Can I change the order of sections?
Would you like some sections to be higher or to be transferred to the second page? It is easy! You can freely change the position of the majority of sections in your CV. All you have to do is to grab the headline of a given section and then move it to the desired position :)
How to change a section name in my CV?
You can change a section name at any time. Expand the section the headline of which is to be changed and click the pencil icon in the dark blue bar.
The pasted text is formatted differently from other texts. What to do?
Click the “crossed-out T” icon, which allows for the removal of text formatting. Thanks to the said action, you will make the font to be the same size and style as other chunks of text included in the CV.
Can I change the name of the “Courses and Certificates” section?
You can do so in the “Extra section“ tab. You may rename it to, for example: “Training Sessions”, “Certificates”, or “Additional information” – depending on what you want your future employer to know about you:)
Do I need to fill in all the fields?
No, you do not need to do that. You decide which sections to fill in. If you do not want a given section to be present in your CV, just click the “hide” option on it.
Can I save several versions of a CV on my account?
While choosing the Premium or Patron set, you can save up multiple versions of your document.
I have deleted a saved version of my CV. Can I restore it?
Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. Before deleting a given version of your CV/Letter, check if you truly want to remove it.
How to transfer the content of the cover letter to the next page?
1. Set your cursor in the place starting from which you would like to transfer the content.
2. Click the last icon in the “letter content” tab symbolizing a divided page.
Can I remove an image from the CV?
You can do that atany time. Choose the “Personal data” tab and click the “eye” icon…here you go!
My CV takes up more than 2 pages – what should I do?
Our CV generator allows for two A4 pages of content to be created maximally. Check if all the provided pieces of information are relevant for the position you apply for. You should limit the document to key data only. The excessive amount of words may not work in your favor. The more irrelevant pieces of information, the lower the chance that your prospective employer will read the entire CV.

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