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Marketing resume — How to write a resume for a marketing specialist? Learn what to write to make an impression on your future employer. Description of the job, advice, and tips on how to write an effective resume.
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A good marketing specialist is one who effectively promotes a product and increases its sales. If you think you have the necessary qualities, you just need to make a perfect resume. How to do it and what should it contain?

Being a marketing specialist, you are in charge of how people see a product. That means you'll be building marketing strategies, analyzing results, or cooperating with other departments (EG. Sales).

What's specific about this job is how often you talk with clients, sales partners. That's why interpersonal skills and being open are required.
Another requirement for marketing candidates is experience at a similar job. Predispositions and personality traits are also important.



And also:

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Before you make a marketing specialist resume, you have to start with analyzing the advert.


Nowadays, a career objective is probably the most important part of a resume. It's like a good slogan.

A resume is only briefly looked through at first. Only after that, the recruiter reads it more carefully - advertising agencies get hundreds of them!

So, your career summary and objective can be your “to be or not to be”. Especially if you're applying to a company that isn't searching for new members now.
It's a bit as if you had to introduce yourself to your potential employer in an elevator ride. Max 2 sentences and speaking the language of benefits will tell the reader who you really are. The more specifics and numbers, the better.

„Marketing specialist with 4 years of experience who is responsible for brand XYZ's success" - sounds better than some cliche phrase.

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Making our perfect application documents, we usually start with choosing a sample. Marketing is a creative industry so showing some creativity will be a plus. We can choose more interesting colors or visual elements.

Content with added graphics and uniquely designed parts of our resume will make our candidacy stand out. Such a color scheme of a resume template will make it impossible to miss. Such a resume template guarantees getting attention. Use a resume template with a unique design and very attractive colors.

If you need something more formal, see our other templates (here). More low-key samples that attract the attention of the most traditional managers.

marketing resume

An example of an elegant and professional marketing resume template. The template is supported with delicate visual accents that subtly highlight the contents of your resume. The resume template has a clear and easy to read layout in toned colors. Fits basically every candidate.


On average, 250 candidates apply for one job position. Now you know why a recruiter spends around 6 seconds on one resume. Hard facts are therefore the most important.

It's good, but not necessary, to write in the first person.

What's your specialty? WOMM? Websites? Building strategies? Branding? Advertising in traditional media?

Instead of generalizing, write specific information. Describe what budget you were operating with and what your duties were. What results you have achieved. Rich job experience is a huge plus in marketing. Make sure to describe it properly. Brag about your success.

Make sure to include numbers or percents, for example:

On the other hand, if you're just starting out, try applying for an internship. In your documents, say that you have the necessary traits and prove it.

Tell the employer what they'll get if they choose you.

Also, don't make the mistake many candidates do. Marketing and sales are not the same.
You can write more than one page - as long as you accurately and convincingly say what you do and why. A good trick is to bold the most important words and throw out unnecessary information such as past jobs not related to marketing.

Remember, you have to prove that the company will gain a lot by choosing you. Collecting references and portfolio, you are increasing your chances of recruitment too.

What are the main tasks of a marketing specialist?

The number of tasks, already huge, can increase even more. The marketing position is strongly tied to creativity, which means that a lot really depends on the specialists' skills.

marketing resume template


In the case of a marketing specialist's resume, higher education in sales and marketing or marketing communication is preferred. Of course, studying one of those is a big plus, but not required.

Marketing skills gained through work experience also count - gained not only in marketing itself. Sales, PR, or advertising can also help.
In a marketing specialist's resume, you should mention coursework and training related to your field of work. For example, sales techniques course or training in building Adwords campaigns, Facebook Ads, or others.

These show the candidate's potential and their willingness to learn more.


Hobbies are an underappreciated part of a resume. If you use them right, you can convince the recruiter precisely with those final lines. You see, we best remember things at the beginning and the end.

Even if your hobby is part of the immortal trio: film, sport, music, you can get specific.
If film, then maybe Hitchcock's, or sci-fi?
If sport, do you like to play volleyball or cheer for your favorite football team?
If music - do you play drums or collect old vinyl records?

These are important for the recruiter because they tell our story.
And a little tip… only write about things you like and want to talk about! Otherwise, the easy question may turn into another reason to worry…

"Brand” interests sound neat if you're really passionate about your field. They will ask you about them!

The creative ones will look really good

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Considering its universality and popularity, the job market is very big and offers something for people with and without experience.

We have a lot of paths to choose from:

We really hope that the information above and the marketing specialist resume template helps you make your own resume. :)  

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