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Vignesh PR
Dodane 19.03.2022
No words to say , you are giving it free Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Dodane 10.02.2020
One of the best cv builder on the web. Probably needs some minor improvements but despite that I found it really useful.
Dodane 08.02.2020
Everything is perfect. I love it but I have not enough money for activating my account. I am a student in high school. I made a CV but can not download that. This is so bad for me. But I loved this service so much
Dodane 26.06.2019
Brilliant CV creator which produces high quality and professional CV's and matching Cover letter template creator- a perfect combination for people wishing to revamp their tired CV's and bring them right into the 21st century - all technical features at hand with an array of formats and colour schemes- extremely happy with the products! Well done Craft CV!
Dodane 19.05.2019
this is a great service but payment option in only which not available in my country.
Josue Alejandro
Dodane 07.04.2019
me gusta la pagina, pero cuesta usarla en un principio

Dodane 09.03.2019
great tool; very easy to use
Mumba, Julius
Dodane 25.02.2019
Elegant templates and user friendly website. Finally my CV looks outstanding. I'm so proud to be have signed up
Dodane 23.01.2019
Thanks for this lovely resourse! I recommend it to all who are in job search. CV become look stylish, thoughtful, eye-catchy, concise. I started to get more interest from possible employers after using this. And most important, easy to craft, like a guidance, so its redemption for those who can procrastinate with making CV for years :)
Dodane 21.01.2019
simply very good start to create c.v

Dodane 20.01.2019
Thanks a lot
Nazish Naz
Dodane 19.01.2019
Its really helpful and friendly to use.
Rinaldi Ardi
Dodane 09.01.2019
it was and good website.. i think this is one of the best web cv online i ever use and i liked to promoted this to my friends and network
Dodane 09.01.2019
That’s was pretty easy to fill it up and even free style of cv templetes are very well.
Dodane 04.01.2019
You're the best !
Dodane 03.01.2019
wowww its very good to me. cause i'm a graduate so is imposible
Dodane 29.12.2018
Really help full. try to free all the templates tnx
Dodane 20.12.2018
good site and good cv template
Dodane 14.12.2018
Me encanta la pag, es una excelente oportunidad para crear cv originales pero me gustaría que fueran todos gratis.
Dodane 13.12.2018
It is very useful platform in order to create amazing CVs and cover letters
Dodane 11.12.2018
it is very helpful and nice
Dodane 06.12.2018
Nico Job. I will share my CV and this website to my friends
Dodane 28.11.2018
It is great feeling to have a chance to introduce yourself to the others the way you like it although not being an IT expert.
Dodane 22.11.2018
I will try to find a new job, using a free template offered by you. If I get hired for a good price I am aiming for, I will support your company :)
Dodane 22.11.2018
This is awesome and really easy!!
Dodane 18.11.2018
It is an amazing site for cv creating.
Dodane 15.11.2018
Very cool templates. I love it
Dodane 14.11.2018
Very useful, would be good to have a word format also
Dodane 14.11.2018
What you do is really ravishing! keep it up.... :)
Paulus Kevin
Dodane 23.10.2018
This Craft CV is very great and so many great designs! I wish that it will be free :( thanks for the free trial. I'm sorry I cannot pay the fee.. love you so much! Hope more designs are opened for free users, thanks!!
Dodane 22.10.2018
it is really great.It helps us to create our CV easily.Thanks)
Dodane 19.10.2018
Hello, guys!! Great job!! I so appreciated-))))) just for recommendations - to add function likes "vocabulary", it would be able automatically correct wrong writing words. Thank you a lot in any case!!
Dodane 18.10.2018
I don't know about you, but i'm using something that's very helpfull. You need to try this out!!!!
Dodane 17.10.2018
Some templates are really good and simple. Wanna buy one but price is a bit too high, so I'll have to think about it. Keep up the work.
Dodane 16.10.2018
Excellent service! Very convenient. One thing, I'd add to the functionality is theability to make url links in the CVs
Dodane 14.10.2018
Thanks a lot and best regards Mathias
Dodane 12.10.2018
hi! first of all - thank you! i would like to suggest adding a feature where users could create few CVs in different languages.
Noor Nasser
Dodane 07.10.2018
Hello! I'm very happy that i finally have a Good, beautiful and nice cv . I wanna to say thank you for your website it was very useful to me, But i think it will be good when you try to increase the number of free templates . Regards .
Dodane 05.10.2018
easy to work on templates are really cool, not like in the other pages, same and ordinary, I'm satisfied even if I use free templates! Great job
Dodane 01.10.2018
Love the different available settings and the ability to create a free cv. Thank you very much Craft CV, your tool is much appreciated!!
Thank you for your feedback, Clevenbergh!
Jane Camille
Dodane 07.09.2018
it is very help full for us people who needs a quick cv builder it is very easy to use.
Thank you Jane for your awesome feedback! :)
Dodane 05.09.2018
very adorable and nice that you can help people
Muhammad Zaeem
Dodane 04.09.2018
a best web platform for providing you to make your resumes in a variety of formats
This is an excellent review - THANK YOU! :) Great looking CV templates are our pride - it is great more people can use them to their advantage!
Dodane 22.08.2018
Very usefull...It is simple, clear and customazible even in free version. I LIKE IT!
Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Eleonora! :)
Dodane 21.08.2018
Its an attractive way of presenting ourselves to the recruiters LOVE IT!
Dodane 16.08.2018
Craft-Cv is amazing product for professionals all around the world. it is easy to use and very eye catching tepmpates which have been mentioned in interviews a few times already. i only wish subscription would be for longer time...but apart from that is well recommended
Ahmed Osama
Dodane 07.08.2018
I loved the site and the templates you provides it make making CV more efficient and easy thank you for making this site
Thanks for your feedback!
Dodane 02.08.2018
Its useful template, It help me a lot to present my self for job seeker
Paiwand Assad Nabi
Dodane 02.08.2018
the best website for creating CV and i will recommended my all friends to here....go on ..................................... Regards

Dodane 25.07.2018
its very helpfull and attractive
Thank you for your review!
Dodane 23.07.2018
this is great and thank you so much
Nasir Rehman
Dodane 15.07.2018
this is just awesome. a good site for every one to have a professional cv
Dodane 14.07.2018
vaery good website for common users very easy to use tomarrow is my interview so im so lucky i found this site Thanks
Thank you for your review - this makes us proud :)
Dodane 11.07.2018
I think this website is useful for people who want to make impressive CV for their interview. I'm appreciate this but with a student like me, who still in dependance of finance, I hope I can get more templates for free.
Dodane 10.07.2018
it is a good setup.
Ahmed Al-Sayed
Dodane 10.07.2018
Thank you guys Great service and wonderful and will help me a lot
It is great to hear you like our CV Builder!
chems eddine
Dodane 08.07.2018
if only there were ways for the people who can't buy the templates to get them for free like watching ads or something like that this will be the perfect site hands down but thank you anyways after feeling good about my self and my cv i realized that it wasn't free but i understand thank you guys keep up the good work :)
Dodane 26.06.2018
Very easy CV builder..absolutely loved it ..One thing I would like to mention Please have more templates for Free Accounts.
Dodane 21.06.2018
you'r the best thanks
Dodane 08.06.2018
very gooddd
Dodane 04.06.2018
Your CV- builder is an awesome thing) Thanks developers)
Dodane 23.05.2018
yes it is the best tool ever
Thank you Mohlomi :)
We are happy to hear that!
Dodane 22.05.2018
Easy and a fast way to edit and update your CV. love it!!
That is true!
We still want to make CraftCv faster and more intuitive!
Dodane 18.05.2018
Page is clear and easy to browse. There was no problem for me to create my perfect CV
It is great to hear you like our CV Builder :)
CraftCv was created to help everyone in the CV creation process.
Dodane 14.05.2018
You people are doing a great job. This was really helpful
Great to hear that Vinitha
Always at your service.
Dodane 07.05.2018
looks great. very possible to help me make a great and interactive CV.
We are happy you like it!
Wish you the best :)
Dodane 02.05.2018
its quick, easy and will organized :)
We believe we can make it better!
Thank you!
Dodane 30.04.2018
This is an awesome platform to create cv.
This was our goal from the start ;)
Thank you for your support!
Dodane 25.04.2018
Customized color themes will be a plus
We are happy to announce, that NOW you can use Customized color themes!
Waiting for your feedback ;)
Dodane 11.04.2018
I like it too much! Good luck
Thank you - it is great to have you!
Dodane 16.03.2018
This site is great! I love it! Thank you for making it so easy to create multiple resume's and cover letters that I can save and send to different positions. It feels great when I can send out a CV and feel totally confident. The price is awesome for what you get and I am certainly going to spread the word! You guys rock!
WOW! Thank you Amber :)
This is the attitude we like the most!
Qurat ul ain
Dodane 05.03.2018
Making a CV was something I would always put off to some other time. That was until I found craft-cv.com. Thank you sooo much for making this process so fast and easy and aesthetic. A big shout-out to everyone involved, especially the template designers ^_^
This is an excellent review - THANK YOU! :)
Great looking CV templates are our pride - it is great more people can use them to their advantage!
Jazmín Pilar
Dodane 28.02.2018
It's so easy to create a great CV with your page. My recomendation is that you should make it easy, i mean, it's really easy to creat them, but for someone who isn't as that much in touch with computers, could be a little bit difficult.
Dodane 18.02.2018
I like that there are free options. This made me learn about the service.
Thank you for pointing this out Chastee :)
Dodane 15.02.2018
You helped me once and i promised i will support you when i have the posibility, i am buying the premium today.
Milton Dioney
Dodane 06.02.2018
Its a great tool to create a great CV
Md. Rasel Mahmud
Dodane 26.01.2018
good work, keep it up
Dodane 19.01.2018
The colors should be changeable according to the user's choice.

Dodane 13.01.2018
I like it thank you Best greeting
Ekky Yudha Pratama
Dodane 26.12.2017
nice website for helping a job seeker. Thanks
Dodane 21.12.2017
I will recommend it till i secure a job for myself lol
Dodane 10.12.2017
helped me a loT , thanks
Dler Lateef Jabbar
Dodane 20.11.2017
Hi hello really it is so nice and important think you did and thanks for everything.
koushik kumar
Dodane 28.10.2017
This is very much helpful.I like your cv.you can provide more option here.thank you.
Dodane 20.10.2017
Its Great and so helpfull thanks
Dodane 27.09.2017
ce site est super !! les mise en pages, la conception !! il manquerait juste deux trois choses, comme pouvoir ajouter ou pas les graphismes ( cinq étoiles) sur les compétences et autres domaines, sinon c'est parfait !! version gratuite adoptée !! je paierai surement quand j'arriverai au bout afin de continuer a utiliser ce site !! =)
Tanveer Hussain
Dodane 25.09.2017
this is an amzing and helping website for cv
Dodane 15.09.2017
Thanks a lot
Dodane 08.09.2017
Great site, helped me alot in the time of need. Creating your CV in word or excel is just too time consuming, other means like inkspace is not for begginers. This feels just right. thanks, Martin
Dodane 06.09.2017
Just thank you , iam so glad and appreciate your effort ... i will tell my friends about you :)
Akmil Arsad
Dodane 31.08.2017
i'd like it
Dodane 11.08.2017
the best site or cv building but need to be at a lower price
Dodane 08.08.2017
great work... appreciate it...
Dodane 16.07.2017
just keep on the good work ... you are great.
Dodane 11.07.2017
the website is great thank you for help me
Dodane 24.06.2017
these resumes are so modern and satisfactory i like them very much
Dodane 15.06.2017
you are doing a great job for the first timers
Dodane 03.06.2017
Hello, awesome people behind this website. Your website is amazing and helped ma a lot writing my CV. I recommended it to my friends. What is missing though is a small feature that will make creating CVs more easier for bilinguals. So, I first made my CV in English language and now i need another one in Arabic. What would be super amazing is making another copy of my CV here in the website and editing every section to another language, instead of rewriting the whole CV on the main file and losing it. Thanks for your great work. Have a lovely day.
Dodane 02.06.2017
Love the site. Amazing work people!
Freddy A.
Dodane 01.06.2017
You have a great product!
Dodane 30.05.2017
This website is absolutely awesome in helping unskilled designer like me to create an interesting CV, but then if the free subscription could provide more template to be used, it would be more wonderful ^_^ warm regard, Doni Susanto

Dodane 08.05.2017
Cool stuff! If there was a way to import from linkedIn this would even be more amazing!
Dodane 08.05.2017
Free coloring of all styles/designs to customize the CV to any corporate color.
Dodane 07.05.2017
All the best !
Dodane 03.05.2017
Good appointment articles​ helpful​ for refresh person creating CV and help uploaded right cv
Dodane 28.04.2017
Thank you!!! It is very helpfull
Alfa Cinor
Dodane 26.04.2017
this website is good, I like it so much, may be it's better if it's free.
Dodane 22.04.2017
everything is great but if you can make more free cv forms that would be cool...and it's really a useful website and it's so simple, Good job :)
Dodane 20.04.2017
I would love to be able to change even pieces of information in the CV. For example "Name", "Adress", "Hobby". Litterally anything to my language. This is cool page, but I need CV also in my mother tongue and this option would be cool.
Dodane 20.04.2017
more free templates will be great :) but this website makes me finish my cv easier, thanks!
Dodane 10.04.2017
One important thing is missing: Nationality. This is one of the standard CV information. Otherwise perfect service!
Panji Radifan
Dodane 04.04.2017
It helps me alot to grow my value to be accepted in company. Thank you guys! Keep it up
Dodane 28.03.2017
love it!!!!! good job guys thank you..
Brahim khalil
Dodane 26.03.2017
Thank you so much that s a great job
Dodane 23.03.2017
the cv templates are so good but i should save it with out the free sign to try it !! and the website is very good .
Dodane 28.02.2017
Very good site. I love how Simple but very good looking template you have.
Dodane 25.02.2017
Would be great if there will be a possibility to move everything on the CV to a different place. Including Name, lines, etc. possibility to change languages section so I could write next to "Polish" - "native". Just to let you know - I very like this website! Thanks a lot for great service ;)

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