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While creating the Thresh Resume template, we wanted to make a project that would look professionally and at the same time be alluring for the reader. The Resume Thresh is not excessively colorful a document – colors used only point to the content, they do not overshadow the text. 

The layout allows for clear and distinct ordering of your personality traits, experience, and educational attainment. Fields of interest presented in a graphic form will surely be intriguing and unexpected for the recipient. Yet another benefit of Thresh is its universal nature – it may be used while applying for various positions, as it is properly balanced. 

The presented Resume template makes it possible to order key pieces of information, enabling the reader to familiarize with all the crucial points of the Resume presented to him or her. 
Properly chosen color schemes ensuring legibility
Suitable for almost every candidate
Transparent and aesthetic design


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Thanks to that, the document looks professional and alluring at the same time. The project in question can be chosen regardless of the situation, as it is both unique and classic in character. 
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