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We have designed this Resume template for candidates who apply for jobs where classic approach and professionalism are keys. Thanks to bold and classic colors, it will be much easier to highlight one’s strengths. An interesting color scheme used makes Shen original and one-of-a-kind in nature. Information presentation is not neglected as well. Attractive and balanced colors will help you stand out from the crowd and draw recruiter’s attention to your Resume. 

Below, there are 4 exemplary color schemes and various content arrangement options presented. We would also like to recommend you creating a cover letter that will correspond with your newly made Resume. 
Content is arranged in an intriguing manner, making the Resume transparent and coherent 
Professional design
Properly chosen colors ensuring high comprehensibility


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The choice of Shen is the desire to select creativity in a more gentle form, which is at the same time not boring. The template is easy to edit, so you will have no problems whatsoever adjusting it to your own needs.
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