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Resume template Clariss is one of the most classic and minimalistic ones available in our offer. The said Resume layout is just perfect for all the individuals applying for positions, in the case of which conscientiousness, meticulous approach, and trustworthiness are of exceptional importance. 

This Resume template is available in eight color versions. It must be pointed out, however that the hues taken advantage of are subtle and pleasant for the eye. By using the Resume in question, one can briefly and accurately describe one’s experience, skills, and language mastery. The simplicity of the template does not mean that it is dull and boring. It is just the opposite – it is designed in such a way for no employer to miss a thing in it.
Transparent and aesthetic design
Suitable for almost every applicant 
Two-column layout presenting the content of the document in a clear way 


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The main distinctive feature of the discussed layout is its transparent, clear, and comprehensible layout. The color scheme utilized is properly adjusted to suit the project. Due to the fact that the structure of the document is pretty straightforward, there should be no difficulties editing it.
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