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Looking for a job?

Make a Great First Impression! Recruiter spends average 5-7 seconds looking at your CV. So don't waist your chance! Use our CV Maker and stand out from the crowd!

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How much does it cost?

Save your time and money! 

Just for 5.97 EURO you will get unlimited access to the CV Maker for 7 days! You can use all our CV Templates color compositions and generate as many CVs as you wish. All in one price! Crazy right?



Creative CV

Pizza or Awesome CV?

Well you can write your CV in MS word and spend your 9.97 EURO on a pizza... Just don't be suprised that no one calls to invite you for a job interview. 

And remember, all that's left after a pizza will be a empty box, so choose whisely.


CV Maker - Features

Truly effective
Simple CV editing
Easy registration
PDF generation
Many CV templates
7 or 90 days Access
Recommended CV Maker
Time savings
Quick payments
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So what are you waiting for?

Register for free and try out our CV Maker! You will be amazed how easy it is to create a awesome looking CV! Boost your chance for a job interview.

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Document file format PDF PDF PDF PDF
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Save multiple CVs + +
Cover Letter Creator +
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Add a friend to your Duo Elite subscription! That way 2 accounts can use all the features for 90 days! (you have 14 days to do that)
The best price in the universe! ONLY: 5.57 EURO
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